M L S Adjusting Seminar was developed by Master Chiropractor Dr. Arno Burnier, D.C. in 1983 out of his own frustration from being adjusted in a style which brought the spine to maximum tension.  As a result, he developed and refined an innovative way of adjusting by bringing the neuro-spinal system to physiological "ease and peace." Over time, he mapped the entire dynamic process involved in his adjusting skills and training system and called it MLS…. “Making Love to the Spine.”  The name has since evolved into MASTERY | LOVE | SERVICE.  Arno has empowered thousands of Doctors of Chiropractic and chiropractic students to transform their chiropractic adjusting technique into an ART FORM and to raise their level of professionalism to the highest level.



The M L S Approach is based on the understanding of spinal bio-dynamics, motion and visualization of the spatial relationship of vertebrae with one another. MLS is based on the fundamental principle of bringing the neuro-spinal system into physiological "ease and peace” prior to the “thrust force.” This allows the spinal cord-meningeal system to virtually "float" within the neural canal. By tracking the neuro-spinal system to physiological "ease and peace," the spine and person are kept in a state of deep relaxation, rather than tension, which allows the adjusting “thrust force” to travel throughout the entire system for integration. Precision, lightning speed and extreme specificity are central to this form of adjusting. The result is a true healing exchange that becomes honoring, specific, fluid, simple and powerful.

The MLS Approach to chiropractic adjusting can be used with any technique your practice from Upper Cervical, to Gonstead, Pierce-Stillwagon, Diversified, Chiropractic Biophysics, and Full Spine. Again you do not have to change techniques. MLS just refines what you are already doing. 


YOU'LL discover:

  • Chiropractic specific warm-up exercises to prepare yourself for the rigors of structural adjusting.

  • Training drills to emphasize speed, core power, and accuracy/ efficiency.

  • Adjustment/ Subluxation specific drills that have been designed to train the body for each specific listing and adjustment.

  • How to Develop Footwork like a “boxer/martial artist.”

  • Anatomical breakdown of the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacrum, Pelvis from “joint-line/ arc” perspective.

  • How to “Read the Person” BEFORE hands-on palpation.

  • How to “Bring the Spine to Ease” prior to adjusting.

  • Advanced Visualization Technique to see the misalignment in your mind’s eye.

  • How to transform your hand into a POWERFUL LISTENING DEVICE.

  • Everything you need to know about ARCS, VECTORS OF DRIVE.

  • How to Ground, Connect, and Center before delivering an adjustment.

  • How to Deliver Smooth Cervical Adjustments without creating meningeal cord tension.

  • How to Read the Actual Arc of Drive of the Thoracic Spine.

  • The MLS 5 Part Vectoring System for L1-L5 to create a focus/ fulcrum for Specificity.

  • How to Become A Professional Chiropractic Adjuster at an Elite Level.

To ensure proper teachings, MLS provides a high ratio of staff to participants for personal coaching and supervision. Leading staff has a minimum of 10 years in highly successful practice.

The first time you take MLS 1 you learn several letters of the alphabet.

The second time you take MLS 1 you learn the rest of the alphabet.

The third time you take MLS 1 you begin forming words and sentences...




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