Led by Arno Burnier, D.C.

January 25-26, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia

Spinal Biodynamics / Visualization is the great key that takes your skills to the highest level and brings it all together

Immerse yourself in the “Language of the Listings” as a foundation for the MLS 1 Adjusting Seminar.

Discover the “Braille” of spinal adjusting as you learn to see under your hands.

Uncover how to 'see' every vertebrae in 3D in your mind’s eye, its landscape, shape, size and tone.

Understand the rational behind every arc of motion for every listing.

Learn to visualize the movement of every vertebrae in space in all possible motion. From this point on, you will no longer adjust "blindly.”

Experience the Neuro-Spinal assessment/Spinal Motion Palpation for the First Visit so that you can connect to each individual's specific situation, spine, and tone. The First Visit is where most DCs shoot themselves in the foot. A rock solid first visit will give you upward of 90% retention and commitment to care.

Get inspired, recommitted and engage on a Path of Mastery to take your practice to the next level. Above all have an amazing, inspiring, elevating weekend with PROFESSIONALS fully committed to their CRAFT.

"This is the most important and valuable seminar I have taken to take my skills to the highest level!"
Sachio Okage, D.C. Master Japanese Adjuster



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Biodynamics & Visualization - Early Bird
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