Hamburg, germany

JUNE 22-23, 2019

Led by Arno Burnier, D.C.

You will not be 'jazzed' up, 'pumped' up or 'rah-rahed' with the inevitable let down and subsequent craving for the next 'emotional high'. You will be TOUCHED, INSPIRED and left GROUNDED solid in your foundations.


“The TIC-IT program is like having a truck full of gold delivered to you and all you had to do was tip the driver. “ 

Wade Port, D.C.  

“I’m so grateful for my experience at TIC-IT!  It helped me to gain a deeper understanding of chiropractic and also myself.  I feel like I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and have a very specific framework and goals to go out and start a successful practice.  TIC-IT was the BEST informational seminar I’ve ever been to and I would say it’s a MUST on the seminar list!”

Emily Mayo, D.C.

“One word, INCREDIBLE!!! The weekend was an immersion in what I expected chiropractic school to be like and then some. You made the philosophy understandable and so simple by all your examples and analogies! The practice management tips and ideas, the finer points and necessity of giving talks, the personal and spiritual development ideas and tools provided, all so wonderful and from the heart. I now see and have a roadmap for the endless vacation!! A huge game changer!! I'm forever grateful Arno, and I'm looking forward to future seminars!! “ 

With deep gratitude,

Bartosz Bogucki

“Tic-IT brought a renewed sense of clarity, an elevated state of consciousness, an air of calm, and a fiery passion for the simple beauty of Chiropractic. The lasting changes in myself have been so profound, everyone in my life has noticed; my wife, my staff, even the people I serve.

My heart has been thrown open, and I now feel well equipped with the tools to address areas of my practice that had previously been a source of frustration and exhaustion. I am eternally grateful to have a teacher so committed to serving the profession, his students, and humanity as a whole.  – Thank You!”

Tyler White, D.C. – Hands on Health Chiropractic. Brick, NJ.


“TIC-IT has cracked me open to a sacred, disciplined and inspiring way to practice chiropracTIC.  I have realized the simplicity, profoundness and amount of inner work that goes into practicing with congruency in my values.  TIC-IT was a wake up call to INTEGRITY and a ‘COME TO THE EDGE and FLY’ experience.  This experience will squeeze you and push you to become an anchor, light and spiritual leader in this profession.  So much gratitude and still feeling so much gratitude.”  

Keiko  Finnegan, D.C.

“Completing TIC-it has not only empowered me as a chiropractor, it has transformed my life.  I have gained tools to become aware of where I am incongruent and out of integrity with my values, principles, and philosophies in my life and insight to direct me back on the path.”

Raj Sahijwani, D.C.

“Arno is one of the last Mohicans of chiropractic. With TIC-IT, it has developed tools to help us discover who we are, how we act in LIFE and how to build an successful chiropractic practice from the inside with clear and authentic communication, based on life, health, healing and wellbeing

 TIC-IT allowed me to strengthen my values, my vision, my mission and life purpose. Now I know more about myself and how to built my practice from the inside.  

TIC-IT is definitively for everyone who wants to build or refine their practice toward LIFE, HEALTH and WELLBEING, whether you are a student, a new graduate or a well established DC. 

Thank you for your wisdom, your integrity and your energy. You inspire confidence and raise consciousness!”

Charles Leroux, D.C.


“Pure philosophy... challenging... enlightening... discover uncomfortable blockages... I grow each time I have the honor of Arno Burnier, D.C.’s insight. Truly and gratefully.” 

Matt Shifflett, D.C.


“TIC-IT was an incredible experience. I have often wondered how Arno built such a wonderful practice and powerful legacy and after this seminar now I know.  During the seminar Arno shared many insightful stories and bountiful wisdom to guide all of us to achieve his great level of success. His love, passion and sage advice permeated every wonderful moment of this weekend and I walked away with a solid roadmap to begin constructing my vision of a vitalistic practice. His emphasis on congruence, integrity, and service are solid principles that lay a strong foundation for an incredible future. Mighty seeds will be planted from my deeply awoken spirit.” 

Sam McDonald DC2B


“Tic-it was a pivotal and inspirational experience! You helped me clarify my vision so that I can develop a strong practice that is congruent with my values. Definitely worth every penny!”

 Ryan Marchman, D.C.


“TIC-IT with Arno Burnier was an invaluable experience. I gain a wealth of knowledge that guides me to prepare for a successful practice. It was a weekend of deep introspection in which I was able to unearth my strengths and weaknesses.
It will be about 1.5 years before I graduate and open a practice of my own, but it was perfect timing to take this seminar because I now have the tools to start planning my “endless vacation”. I feel empowered. The stories that Arno shared about his personal journey were from a place of great love; they were real and relatable. I have attended other practice-development seminars, but TIC-IT was not like any other. Arno has helped me realize that there are going to ups and downs to the process, and I now understand that it will all come together in time through discipline, integrity and congruence with my values. The combination of TIC-IT and MLS continues to help me release my flood of love inside-out. Thank you for being my spark-plug, Arno.”

 Lynn Tran DC2B


“I have known Arno for over 4 years now. It is rare to come in contact with someone who gives for a living. TIC-IT has inspired me to seek a path from my own well of inspiration. 

Arno has created a network of people who have their hands out, ready to serve responsibly. Time and time again, Arno shows up and let who he is inside speak for itself. 

His influence is of pure love and integrity and professionalism. Arno never have sought to control, belittle, or demand people to do it his way. Instead, he has been expectant of the GOOD in people to well up and be expressed, with integrity. I, in part because of Arno and the network of people I have come into contact with, have chosen to practice a Life of integrity... and when simplicity, power, talent, authenticity, and passion come together, the result is life of joy, a life of peace within, and freedom to be myself while serving others. TIC-IT path IS about being an extraordinary chiropractor, but its more than that...its a feeling I won't judge, name, or ever label because words will not do. Deep gratitude, peace, life, light, celebration, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.”

Ryan Schrock, D.C.

“LEARN How to operate, create and grow a successful Vitalistic Practice organically from the inside out”

Dr. Jeremy Brook's "movement area" has replaced the standard "waiting area."   The Life Center Chiropractic, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Jeremy Brook's "movement area" has replaced the standard "waiting area."

The Life Center Chiropractic, Los Angeles, CA


We deliver powerful, impact-full content that is practical and applicable right from the start. There is no 'magic' to success, only the application of specific steps following a clear roadmap. 

If you have heard about or have attended Master Piece Training Camp and MLS Adjusting Seminars you already know the Quality, Substance and Depth of what we deliver...

TIC-IT delivers Content, Tools and Solutions to Creating, Operating and Thriving in A Vitalistic ChiropracTIC Practice.  It delivers Knowledge extracted from The Reality and Simplicity of a Successful ChiropracTIC Practice.

No... this is not practice management, coaching, fluff, rah rah, screaming, dogma or fanaticism from the stage.  There is no bait and switch. No emotional hype with the consequential let-down on Monday.

Dr. Erica Peabody's reception area.   Café of LIFE Chiropractic in Fenton, MI

Dr. Erica Peabody's reception area.

Café of LIFE Chiropractic in Fenton, MI

 No... this is not about delivering the '7 Secrets to Success' with another '5 Secrets' to come later.  There is no 'Mystery School' to attend.

 TIC-IT is the Hard Core Reality as to what it takes to become a Glaring Success.
TIC-IT is a complete immersion into Knowledge and Wisdom, into what is True and Truth about ChiropracTIC and The Reality of Success in Practice.
TIC-IT is Internal Transformation. Change is Temporary. Transformation is Lasting.
TIC-IT is a Celebration of Reason and Willingness to Challenge Belief Systems.

TIC-IT depends on YOU. What you put into it, is what you will get out of it.

Are you willing to let go? Are you willing to transform? Are you willing to Inquire within? Are you willing to put in the time, discipline and work demanded by ALL professionals in order to succeed? There are no short cuts or 'quick fixes' used by TRUE professionals in any and all disciplines. ChiropracTIC is no different.

TIC-IT generates professional success in Vitalistic ChiropracTIC Practice.

Most new graduates fail to open their own practice out of UNFOUNDED FEARS. TIC-IT gives you the tools and confidence to open your own practice for between $20-30K.

Many Chiropractors struggle, going from one practice management to another TO NO AVAIL. TIC-IT is where the struggle stops and where success begins.

So many Chiropractors are hovering at $150-$200k/year WHEN THEIR CAPACITY is $500k- $1million/year. TIC-IT make this jump upward possible and realistic.

Visually stimulating artwork in all of the adjusting rooms at  The Life Center Chiropractic  in Los Angeles.

Visually stimulating artwork in all of the adjusting rooms at The Life Center Chiropractic in Los Angeles.

Countless used to have passion and a burning desire to serve their community, yet through the years have lost that fire. What changed? Where did they get lost ?

 TIC-IT will rekindle that fire and passion and get them to fall in love with ChiropracTIC again. How? Not through 'jazzing' them up, but through touching them within, where, deep in the chamber of the heart resides an irresistible knowing.



Holstenkamp 46a, Hamburg-Bahrenfeld

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