Chiropractic was brought here to create a profound transformation in the way people live their lives. This new paradigm of living has  transformed our lives through the philosophy and receiving of exceptional chiropractic care. 

We envision a world where  people are receiving gentle & honoring, yet deep & powerful adjustments as the norm, where they are exposed to the core principles of chiropractic, and where chiropractors are serving in a passionate, heart-centered way.

We are authentic and genuine practitioners with dedication to be extraordinary. 

Who is MLS?
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The Path of Mastery.

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We are not interested in developing good technicians. We train to bring forth masterful artists.

We are on the path of mastery of a proven set of tools for practice and communication that create well-rounded individuals for a lifetime.

We instill supreme confidence in your adjusting abilities to serve any person, any age, with any 'condition'.

We share a common thread - to be masters of our craft and do the most good for people while assuring joy and success in life and practice.

At MLS seminars you'll find foundational skills and technique enhancements, a welcoming heart-centered community, and a high instructor to participant ratio.

Community Means More.

We seek to uplift chiropractors and future chiropractors with clarity, confidence, and courage in their Path of Mastery.

Our purpose is to cultivate a community dedicated to the consciousness of service, that embodies the core principles, and that delivers on the promise of chiropractic.

We strive to make your world a little smaller, and surround you with those as passionate about your craft as you.


The Community Speaks

Upcoming Seminars.

Our parallel curriculum bridges the gap between academic and practical emphasizing artistry, passion, & communication.


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We love to support training clubs on chiropractic campuses around the world, as well as responding to requests for MLS programs  to come to other cities.

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