The Community Speaks.




"If you're a chiropractor or chiropractic student, you owe it to yourself and your patients to attend."

John A. - Life University

"I had my heart cracked open. It was just beautiful. It made me feel  beautiful and held and seen." 

Emily L. - Life University, Atlanta


"I truly can't say enough good things about these seminars."

Noah W. - Life University 

I didn't expect for this to be so whole."

Skylar C.


"It's a brilliant way to serve a peaceful yet powerful adjustment."

Angela H. D.C. - Wisconsin

"Not only is it a personal experience...but you're going to change someone else's life." 

Rachel B. - Life University, Atlanta


"I feel like I was being led and taught in a way that was like let's go through this together." 

Lauryn Z. - Life University, Atlanta

"I went really deep into my heart. I felt like I centered myself deeper in my purpose."  

Daniel H. - Life University


"I've gotten so much more than I thought I confidence has changed and my understanding of my calling."

Corinne D. - Life University

"It's just different." 

Jackson P. - Life University, Atlanta


"Before MLS, the analysis was almost crippling...MLS 

just clicked in my head and made sense."

Gabby B. - Life West, Berkeley

"It was very transformational in my perspective on the way that adjusting is done."  

Jorge Z. - Life West, Berkeley