Path of Mastery.

Passion, Presence, & Precision.


At MLS You Will:

Train your body / mind for power, presence, precision, and longevity.

Transform analysis into a multi-dimensional read of the whole person.

Gain clarity, courage, & confidence in your self and adjusting skills.

At each MLS Seminar, you can expect world class instruction in:

  • Chiropractic specific warm-up exercises to prepare yourself for practice
  • Training drills to emphasize speed, core power, accuracy and efficiency
  • Adjustment specific drills that have been designed to train the body for each specific listing and adjustment
  • Develop the footwork of a martial artist
  • 3-D Anatomical breakdown of the Cervical, Thoracic, & Lumbopelvis Arcs
  • How to “Read the Person” BEFORE hands-on palpation
  • How to “Bring the Spine to Ease” prior to adjusting
  • Advanced Visualization technique to see the subluxation in your mind’s eye
  •  How to transform your hand into a POWERFUL LISTENING DEVICE
  • Everything you need to know about ARCS OF DRIVE.
  • How to Ground, Connect, and Center before delivering an adjustment.
  • How to deliver smooth adjustments without creating meningeal cord tension
  • How to read the actual Arc of Drive for the Thoracic Spine
  • The MLS 5 Part Vectoring System for L1-L5 to create a fulcrum for specificity
  • Principles of a vitalistic, family, cash-based practice
  • Greater clarity of your personal purpose, mission, and vision.

Our Available Seminars


The chiropractic experience that sparked the modern training revolution.
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Dive deep into Occiput Lift, Upper Cervical, Toggle, pelvis in depth, prone moves, and transitional areas while deepening your roots in the principles of Chiropractic. 

(Two MLS | ONE seminars required to register for MLS | TWO)

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Cafe of Life Business Model Bootcamp (Online)

Learn how to run the Vitalistic Practice Blueprint. Low overhead, high impact cash practice essentials.

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Spinal Biodynamics & Visualization (Online)

Sensitize your mind and hands to see all the layers and patterns with ease.

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We are CEU Approved!

New for 2023, our American seminars are now CEU approved for practicing DCs. CEUs can be applied for up to 14 hours in select states. This program is sponsored by Sherman College and may not always reflect the views of the college or it's employees.

See individual seminar location information to see if your state is approved for that seminar location!

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