Mastery Moments.

Getting to Know Dr. Jim Deegan

leadership bios Feb 02, 2023
Jim Deegan Instructing at MLS Seminar in Atlanta

James “Jim” Deegan has grown up more than half of his Life learning directly from ARNO Burnier since 1995 and on Staff teaching for 20+ years on the MLS Path of Mastery.

He practices in Smyrna GA close to Life University where he loves mentoring students, encouraging other chiropractors and adjusting so many “precious peeps” (people) - police, fire rescue, celebrities, local artists, musicians families, teachers, Etc. his community/ and surrounding Atlanta area.

His HEART of service comes out of a “near death/quantum leap into Life”experience in 1994. This led him to “The Path of Mastery” from potential medical Heart transplant list to Chiropractic list of self-discovery. Other teachers and mentors emerged such as Reggie Gold, Joseph Strauss, Pasquale, Paul Bragg and many direct and indirect vitalistic visionary’s.

Jim’s desire is to continually SERVE to elevate The Chiropractic profession and the World by Leading others to discover their inborn gifts. No one can facilitate healing Alone - BETTER TOGETHER.